Yaoting Wang

Illustrator • Character Designer • Comic Artist

Yaoting Wang is an award winning illustrator,comic artist,character artist and visual development artist based in NYC.  

His artistic style is characterized by a sense of freedom and fluidity, evident in his expressive brushwork. He particularly excels in portraying characters, infusing them with unique personalities and skillfully capturing nuanced emotions. As a screenwriter and visual development designer, he contributes creative ideas and narrative concepts to animated film projects. His expertise lies in visually conveying the intricacies of plotlines and emotional nuances to audiences, creating unforgettable cinematic experiences.


A Week Alaska

Visual journal book"a week Alaska
It documents my one-week experience inAlaska in 2022, capturing animals,landscapes, people, and emotions.Presented in chronological order. Materialsused: watercolors, pigments, and ink.

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